Augmented Reality Manufacturing

Gain efficiency, save costs, secure your projects with the Augmented Reality

With the Augmented Reality Manufacturing App secure your projects, train your operators and maintain  your machines parks. With our self-service platform massively deploy your projects: 1 click rollout, content securization, real time updating, installed base monitoring for HoloLens and Android ….

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Maintenance, operators training, completion validation…

Our experts support you in order to fit App with your specific environment.

Remote monitoring

Drive your installed base, update your content, display product sheet, add video in 1 click.

Roll out worldwide

Spread in real time the same AR App and content. Protect the access to your sensitive information.

Several functionnalities ready for use or on demand

Size and colors change, massive updating, product configurator, product sheet, video …. several functionnalities enhance the customer experience.

An Augmented Reality App integrated into your IT and suited to your industrials needs

HoloLens and Android Apps

Depending on your needs we provide specific App for HoloLens and Android.

Self-service mode or ask for a 3D model design

Your graphics department can create AR models or we can do it for you. Based on 2D pictures, CAD files or products scans.

Model tracking

Beam Me Up provides solutions in order to easily place and manipulate models with HoloLens (based on Xbox controller).

Apparing with your IT System

Beam Me Up integrates the data flow in your IT system, hosts platform on dedicated servers and develops private App or features.

Augmented Reality Self Service Platform for maintenance
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