An Augmented Reality GPS to improve car navigation

When you drive it can be sometimes difficult to understand and follow GPS indications. Our eyes then find themselves sweeping the road and the screen alternately, which can be painful or even dangerous. This is where the AR GPS actually comes in.

A GPS application in augmented reality

The young American company Phiar (pronounce fire) provides a solution that involves augmented reality: rather than duplicating the environment on a screen and adding information to it, as a classic GPS does, this app allows you to overlay navigation indications to the real environment, continuously filmed by the smartphone.

GPS en réalité augmentée
GPS and augmented reality to better guide drivers

Phiar claims that its vision and learning algorithms that are at the heart of the app can work on a smartphone, despite the huge computing power that is required.

The app can provide a 30 minute recording of guided traffic, which can be useful for insurance companies in case of a collision.

Use traffic environment information

Phiar’s goal is to use the metadata on the environment, which is collected continuously by the application. This information could be of great interest to companies producing autonomous cars or carpool solutions.This is why the application will be available mid-2019 free of charge, in order to acquire a large user base.

See here complete article (in French)


Any other uses of GPS in augmented reality?

Of course, everyone remembers the Pokemon Go app using augmented reality and GPS functions. However, also in the professional environment, augmented reality and GPS start working together. Thus, Beam Me Up is working on an AR application dedicated to the public works. This will help guide construction managers by positioning 3D plans and shapes using GPS. This augmented reality application for Android will bring accuracy to the order of a centimeter. More to follow…

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