Interview of Neo Digital – AR/VR facilitator

Beam Me up has signed a partnership with Neo Digital which promotes new technologies, including Augmented reality (AR). They have an original concept called Boîte à Outils Numériques® (site). We have interviewed Sophie Van Den Driessche, who is in charge of the project.

Could you explain to us what La Boîte à Outils Numériques® (literally “the digital toolbox”) is really about, and how it all started?

After the success of the “bus des technologies®”, the Neo Digital agency has been developing this digital toolbox concept, La Boîte à Outils Numériques®. Before all, it is a mobile system to support the change in technology and allow different types of audience to enter digital transformation.

Indeed, this mobile container is equipped to make people experiment and thus understand what different digital use cases involve and imply. In that context, visitors are immerged in thematic trails. For instance: factory of the future, digital-related jobs, retail, BIM, the start city…etc. Thus they are able to test and experiment several innovations and use cases, notably with virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence, Block Chain, stereoscopy, 3D digital, Big Data, robotics, drones or collaborative tools.

Who are usually the actors who choose your training container?

La Boîte à Outils Numériques® is available to all audiences ! Companies, general public, students, elected representatives, etc. We adapt the thematic trails to the kind of audience we have and to the kind of issues and challenges they have!

Here are some of our references to give you an idea: Vivendi, Canal+, Thales, the Uimm, the employer organization Medef, the public unemployment organization Pôle emploi, Safran, Airbus, Schneider Electric, Normandy region, transat Jacques Vabres, the highschools of the future (“les lycées du futur”), Thales, Sanofi, Ipsen…

How is a typical trail taking place in your container? What is the role of the facilitator?

In the container, you will find several experimental stations (VR, AR, robotics, big data, etc…). Relevant implementations are then embedded in those stations. It creates sense and allows the participants to rapidly understand the use cases applying to many areas. Most notably: pharmacy, industry, jobs of the digital area, etc….

The facilitator has a key role in the trail inside the container as he/she will guide and support the audiences in discovering technologies and their use cases. He/she is here to exchange, initiate the discussion and answer the different enquiries they may have.

AR/VR facilitator

How does augmented reality (AR) fit within this trail?

AR is present on all theme trails proposed by La Boîte à Outils Numériques® and integrated in the different use cases in industry, entertainment, health or architecture! One of the sectors which resorts the most to augmented reality is the training sector: it allows technicians to learn new procedures in real condition.

How is augmented reality (AR) perceived in your “company” audience? Can they already see real use cases in the business world? Which ones?

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the favorite technologies among companies! Use cases are numerous and they can easily project themselves through the tools we are presenting them. Through fun challenges employees become aware of the tool and its interest for their daily professional and personal lives.

What induces you to choose Beam Me Up as a solution presented in the container?

Beam Me Up is a solution with a major benefit: its simplicity of use! The interest for La Boîte à Outils Numériques® is to make audiences experiment simple Tools. But the latter may well have a significant impact on their daily personal or professional lives. Beam Me Up brings that all together and allows participants to test an affordable tool with multiple features whatever the activity sector.

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